Yeo Moor Primary School

Yeo Moor Primary School

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities (SEND)

Our SENDCO at Yeo Moor Primary School is Mrs V Zakaria.

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Role of the SENDCO

  • Overseeing the day-to-day operation of the school's SEN policy.
  • Co-ordinating provision for children with SEN.
  • Advising on the graduated approach to providing SEN support.
  • Liaising with parents of pupils with SEN.
  • Liasing with Early Year providers and other schools, educational psychologists, health & social care professionals and independent or voluntary bodies.
  • Being a key point of contact with external agencies, especially the Local Authority and its support services.
  • Liasing with potential next providers of education to ensure pupils and their parents are informed about options and a smooth transition is planned.
  • Working with the Headteacher and school governor to ensure that the school meets its responsibilites under the Equality Act (2010) with regard to reasonable adjustments and access arrangements.
  • Liasing with, and advising, fellow teachers (contribute to the in-service training of staff).
  • Applying for additional funding when necessary.

Our Learning Mentor

The role of the learning mentor involves offering support to our families and our vulnerable children. This can be through a variety of ways, for example: for families, arranging meetings between staff and parents – being a link between school and home; maintaining contact between split families if required, and ensuring the absent parent has a contact point. We also talk and share experiences with families around issues of parenting and running Incredible Years programmes and family SEAL when appropriate.
We aim to take a holistic approach to our work - looking at the family unit and any support that may be needed. Monitoring attendance and punctuality also forms part of the role.
We offer a listening ear and will help children to think about their worries and problems in a solution focused way. We help children to see that they hold the answers and we have worry boxes in each class for children to access.
We work closely with our senior school colleagues to help support and manage transition between Key Stages, especially transfer to secondary school. This involves working with other agencies and schools within Clevedon.
We focus on attempting to help children reduce any barriers to their learning and build on their potential. We aim for children to access the learning and teaching on offer in their classrooms.


At Yeo Moor Primary we are committed to giving every child an opportunity to achieve the highest standards, regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, attainment or background. As a school we have a very inclusive view about education.
We take the view that the school is here to serve all members of the community. We understand that barriers to learning can exist in a number of different ways and that it is the responsibility of the school to do everything it can to reduce these barriers to learning.
Everyone is able; everyone has a right to a great education that serves them as a learner.  Yeo Moor Primary School seeks to give that great education to each learner and uphold everyone’s right to be respected, to participate and to be known for their ability and potential.