Yeo Moor Primary School

Yeo Moor Primary School

School Meals

Pupils can sign up to have school dinners from the school kitchens. These are paid for in advance through ParentPay.

Please note: There is a £10.25 minimum charge for school dinners. If your child only has a dinner on one day of the week, the credit will roll over to the following weeks for use. Any credits at the end of term are refunded to you.

Free School Meals

As you may be aware, if you claim certain benefits your child/ren could be entitled to Free School Meals and have access to the Pupil Premium Scheme, which provides additional funding that enables enrichment of your child's learning.
You may be entitled if you claim any of the following:
Income support
Income-based job seeker’s allowance
Income-related employment and support allowance
Support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999
The guarantee element of state pension credit
Child tax credit: provided you are not entitled to working tax credit (unless four week run on) and have an annual income (as assessed by HM Revenue and Customs) that does not exceed £16,190.
We encourage parents/carers to apply for this hugely beneficial scheme, even if your child is entitled to Universal Free School Meals.
If you think this applies to you, please click on the link below for an application form, which must be completed and sent directly to North Somerset Council. Please also remember that if you are moving to a new school in a different county, you MUST re-apply for your child/ren's Free School Meals.
If you are unsure and have any questions, please ring the school office on 01275 875607 or speak to Mrs Skelton directly.