Yeo Moor Primary School

Yeo Moor Primary School

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Fostering curiosity and ambition, the Heron Curriculum will ensure learners gain the knowledge and skills required to be successful participants in our diverse and modern world.

We aim to put children at the centre of their own learning and place great importance on nurturing skills and attitudes such as independence, resourcefulness, resilience and co-operation.  We value academic success very highly and provide a rich and stimulating curriculum that challenges and stretches learners. We are rigorous in our approach and have high aspirations for all our children. We aim to provide children with the best possible learning environment and opportunities to enable them to fulfil their potential by developing their strengths and recognising where they need to improve further. 
Many subjects are taught in a cross-curricular way and we provide opportunities for real and purposeful learning. Children will pose, investigate and answer conceptual questions that bring the taught curriculum into context and make it relevant and real to our school community

From September 2020 we welcomed all children back to school with our recovery curriculum approach. The curriculum will remains broad, creative and ambitious, covering all subjects and creating time for any missed content. Our aim is to provide a safe environment for our school community and to allow every child the chance to catch up whatever their need or ability following lockdown. By summer term 2021 we aim to return to our usual curriculum delivery.

More information about subjects and what is taught can be found online using the link below - National Curriculum