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‘Teachers at Yeo Moor use literature – books, stories and poetry - to inspire and motivate children extremely effectively. You can see it in the quality of the written work in the children’s books. You can see the children have been entirely engaged by the characters and situations they have encountered in their reading.’

- Penny Boardman, English Advisor, North Somerset.

Reading Inspiring Writing: helping children to become lifelong readers and writers using high quality texts.

At Yeo Moor Primary School we plan our topics – whether history, science or geography based – around a high quality children’s book. For example a geography topic on continents might begin with ‘Lost and Found’ where the character journeys to the South Pole with a penguin. Work on World War Two might be built around Hanna’s suitcase, the story of a child who is evacuated. In this way, by identifying with the characters in the story, the children are able to connect with the events they are learning about, which otherwise could remain very abstract.

We also use texts as models for the children’s writing. This could be studying the writer’s use of figurative language to introduce metaphors, or it could be reading the diary of an explorer to help children understand the key points and structure of a journal.

In the past, films, inspired by the book ‘Traction Man’ have been made by Year Two, Year Six raised money to visit London to ride on the London Eye, thanks to ‘The London Eye Mystery’, and perhaps most memorably of all, SF Said, author of Varjak Paw, was invited by Year Three and Four to visit – his fee paid by money they had raised.

However, most importantly for teachers and children, is the excitement and inspiration the books have and that this is, then, reflected in their reading and writing.

If you would like any further information about this or guidance on choosing books for your children do not hesitate to ask!

Our Core Offer:

Every Yeo Moor child will share high quality texts with the class teacher.  Here is our current selection: