Yeo Moor Primary School

Yeo Moor Primary School

School opening times

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Yeo Moor Primary School Attendance Policy

Morning Registration

Our school gates open for access to familes at 8.40am.  The class doors open from 8.40am to allow the children time to unpack their belongings, hang coats and be ready for registration. 

KS1 and KS2 gates are opened at 8.40am and class doors open at 8.40am – Our gates will be locked at 8.55am

Registration will be taken at 8.55am and teachers registers close at 9am

Any children arriving from 8.55am will come via the school office and be registered as:

  • L after 9.10am
  • U if child is later than 9.30am – which means they are in effect not in school regarding attendance

Registration for all key stages closes at 9am promptly.  Our gates close at 8.55am and any child/ren arriving from 8.55am will need to register via the main office.  Children arriving on-site from 8.55am will be marked as L (late) and escorted to class by the office team.  Children who arrive after 9.30am are marked as U (unauthorsed absence - arrived after registration close) 

Afternoon Registration

Afternoon registration starts at 1pm.  Children who are returning from being off-site after 1pm but before 1.10pm will be marked as L (late) which still counts as present. 

If a pupil arrives after 1.20pm pm they will be marked with the unauthorised absence code ‘Late after registers close’ (U) for the afternoon session. If a pupil arrives late after the afternoon registers close due to a valid reason, such as an unavoidable medical appointment, their absence will be marked with the appropriate authorised absence code.

Typical hours of learning

The typical school weeks consists of 32.5hrs per week. 

End of the school day

EYFS and KS1 children finish their school day at 3.15pm
KS2 finish their school day at 3.20pm

Side gate access to school for pick up is from 3pm and gates are closed up at 3.45pm.